All participants to the GATRA Program acknowledge the following Terms and Conditions of Participation:

  • The PARTICIPANTS agree upon presenting a focused project with goals that can be achieved within 12 months.
  • The PARTICIPANTS has to be employed or supported by an Institution.
  • The PARTICIPANTS agrees to personally attend the Award Ceremony. *
  • The PARTICIPANTs agree that the research project as well as the respective results will be presented in collaboration and agreement with Grifols. The PARTICIPANTs agree that attendance at this presentation is required. *
  • The PARTICIPANTs agree that the payment of the financial reward will only be transferred from Grifols to the Institution that employs or supports in other respects the PARTICIPANT. Grifols will not transfer any financial reward directly to the PARTICIPANT.
  • The PARTICIPANTs agree that he will provide Grifols with an interim study report after the half-time of the research project, and a full report after the completion of the study.
  • The PARTICIPANTs agree that any results and/or inventions from the research project and any intellectual property rights are jointly owned by the PARTICIPANT and Grifols. In consequence, the participant will only publish or present the results of the research project in good understanding with Grifols.
  • Finally, the PARTICIPANTs acknowledges that the allowance of the GATRA Program has no influence on business turnover of the Institution or the PARTICIPANT.
  • In case the PARTICIPANT reaches the final election, the PARTICIPANT will be asked for a written confirmation that he is willing to sign a contract which reproduces the before cited conditions of participation.
  • The PARTICIPANT must not be affiliated to Grifols, S.A. or its associated companies nor must be a relative to the second degree of kinship to the persons directly involved in the evaluation process / the administration of this award

*Costs associated will be paid by Grifols S.A. (subject to any local laws and regulations applicable for these purposes)